International Widow’s Day – Save a Widow in Uganda!

Watch HERE. (5 minutes)

You probably know that we save baby girls and abandoned widows in China, but did you know that we are also saving widows in Uganda? (For those who know us through our efforts to stop digital tyranny, saving baby girls and widows in China and Uganda is the other half of what we do.)

Like the widows in China, widows in Uganda are abandoned and impoverished. Many are living with HIV/AIDS. Many have children who have died, and their living children cannot help them. Many are sick, blind, or otherwise disabled. Many are illiterate. Many live in shocking poverty and squalor.

With your help, our fieldworkers are giving them help and hope, visiting them every month and giving them $25 per month to buy food and other necessities.

And we have brought these destitute widows great joy with our special Easter dinner, letting them know that they are loved! Please watch our 5-minute video about this event, which was the highlight of the year for most of these abandoned widows!

Watch HERE.

Learn more about our Save a Widow Uganda campaign here. Scroll down to read the stories of individual widows.

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