WATCH:  Reggie’s Feature TV Interview on the Sean Morgan Report

Sean Morgan interviews Reggie on the “Making Sense of the Madness” Show

Watch HERE.

Dear Friend,

“How are the Covid injections a women’s rights issue?”  This was Sean Morgan’s first question, and then we took off on this wide-ranging, fast paced interview.  We discussed the dangers of Covid injections for pregnant women and babies, as well as China’s One Child (now Three Child) Policy and how it relates to the Chinese Communist Party’s “Zero Covid” policy.   We also discuss how China’s Social Credit System could be implemented in the United States and worldwide through Vaccine Passports, Smart Health Cards or digital driver’s licenses.

My interview, “Fighting for Freedoms with Reggie Littlejohn,” starts at 12:40 and continues to 27:07. 

Watch it HERE.

Take action to stop Covid injection mandates for babies and children HERE.

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