WATCH: Voice of America Interviews Reggie on Enes Kanter Freedom and Peng Shuai

Dear Friend,

We recently co-sponsored an event in Washington, D.C. honoring Enes Kanter Freedom, as well as Peng Shuai and Zhang Zhan, for their heroic stand for freedom and truth against the brutal Chinese Communist Party.  Voice of America (“VOA”) covered the event and produced two videos.  In the first, Mr. Freedom speaks out about human rights in China.  He has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I am interviewed about corporate complicity with human rights abuses in China.

Watch the interview with Enes Kanter Freedom HERE.

In the second video, VOA interviews me about the case of Peng Shuai, the Chinese tennis star who accused a senior official of sexually assaulting her.  She disappeared for three weeks and then announced her retirement from tennis.  Her safety remains uncertain to this day.

Watch the interview about Peng Shuai HERE.

Both interviews are in English with Chinese subtitles.

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