We’re a Small Organization with a Big Mission! Will you help us?

Reggie Littlejohn speaks at the Heritage Foundation. Credit: Penny Starr, CNS News

Dear Friend,

I want to tell you what we’re up against in 2018 – and to ask you to help us meet the enormous challenges ahead.

At Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, we are world leaders in the fight to keep China accountable for its cruel forced population control policies – a battle most governments have given up on.

With your help, in 2017:

– We took the lead in exposing continued forced abortion under China’s new Two-Child Policy, especially of single mothers and third babies.

– We successfully advocated for the ending of US funding of coercive population control in China through the UNFPA and International Planned Parenthood.

– And of course, as of this year, hundreds of baby girls and moms have been saved from coercive population control and deadly son preference thanks to our “Save A Girl” campaign!

There’s no doubt: we’re impacting the global conversation on China. This is a big victory!

But here’s the thing: the Chinese government wants to get us off their back, and they know how to do it.

Last year, the Chinese government made the misleading announcement that they were “abandoning” the One Child Policy.  This was a convenient way to shut down news headlines exposing their brutal population control, without ending the actual practice.  Forced abortion and gendercide continue under the “Two Child Policy.”

The sad thing is, this actually worked. Media everywhere started discussing the coercive One Child Policy as a thing of the past!  And we are letting the world know that it’s still happening!

In 2018, we’ve got to keep China from getting away with this “change in name only.”

Will you please join us?

We have $5000 in matching funds, so your gift will be doubled!

Your gift will help us save women and babies from forced population control, one baby at a time, through our ever-growing Save a Girl campaign.

You’ll also help us keep up the global pressure on behalf of countless other families who fall victim to forced abortions and forced sterilization under the Two Child Policy – even as we speak.

Because of your generosity, we have the power to fight these terrible tragedies, and help the oppressed families of China see the day when the dignity of a woman and her child is truly honored and loved at last.

There are only a few days left to make your gift this year. You can make a difference in the lives of countless families who have nowhere else to turn!

The Chinese Communist Party has announced that it has “prevented” 400 million lives through it’s One (now Two)-Child Policy.  That’s more than the entire populations of the United States and Canada Combined.  Far too many of these lives were “prevented” through forced abortion and sterilization.

Thank you for joining forces with us against the greatest crime against women and girls in the world today!

With gratitude,

Reggie Littlejohn

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

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Chinese Mom: You Are Like An Angel in my Life!

I just can’t believe a stranger would give help to my daughterGod knows my needs – and you are like an angel in my life.”  — “Luli,” Chinese mom helped by WRWF Save a Girl Campaign

Dear Friend,

The joy of this season reminds us what matters most. This year, hundreds of women in China are enjoying a brighter holiday – thanks to a little girl that might not have been there, but for your help.

But Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has empowered them to keep and cherish their little girls despite extreme pressure to abort them or give them up.

We Have $5000.00 in Matching Funds!

Not only is Women’s Rights Without Frontiers leading a movement to end forced abortion in China, we’re actually saving lives threatened by forced population control and brutal cultural pressure under the “Two Child Policy.”

Thanks to your help, we’re able to bring the “angels” that helped Luli to the doorsteps of hundreds of desperate women in China, struggling to avoid forced abortion, either at the hands of the Chinese government or their own families.

This year, your support has helped us bring the total of rescued baby girls to over 200!

Another mom, “Ruolan,” told us: “I can’t believe that someone from America would help my baby girl — this never happens in China!”

If it weren’t for WRWF, mothers like Ruolan could have been pressured to abort or abandon the daughter she so desperately wanted, a fate that is still all too common in China today.

Although headlines in Western media hailed the “end” of the infamous One-Child Policy, WRWF has been at the forefront combating China’s latest attempt to cover up their human rights abuses, which continue under the new “Two-Child Policy.”

China has no freedom of speech, so Chinese women cannot advocate for basic rights, like the right to give birth to their daughters. It’s up to us to keep up the pressure, and to lend a helping hand to the women of China, to be a voice for the voiceless – and to end gendercide, one baby girl at a time.

Another mom who almost succumbed to pressure to abort her little girl, told us: “Our baby girl brings so much happiness and joy.  Fortunately, she has you guys [WRWF].  Otherwise, I don’t know where she would be now!”

The Chinese Family Planning Police are as fierce as ever, but the fight to empower women goes on – thanks to your support.

Will you help us today?  You can double your impact – the first $5000 will be matched!

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China : Forced Abortion, Sex-Selective Abortion of Girls Still Practiced Under Two-Child Policy: 2017 Government Report

Liu Xinwen, Victim of Late-Term Forced Abortion

The Congressional Executive Commission on China has released its 2017 Report, which contains documentation of continued forced abortion under China’s Two-Child Policy.   In addition, the sex ratio at birth reported by the Chinese government indicates that the selective abortion of baby girls continues under the new policy.

Reggie Littlejohn, founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated, “When the Chinese communist government announced that they were instituting a Two Child Policy, the news media proclaimed that China had “abandoned” or “scrapped” the One-Child Policy.  As I testified at a Congressional Hearing at the time, this is demonstrably false.  Under the Two-Child Policy, single women are still forcibly aborted, as are third children.   The 2017 Report from the Congressional Executive Commission on China sadly confirms my predictions.”

Specifically, the “Population Control” section of the Report confirms that the Two-Child Policy regulations “include provisions that require couples to be married to have children and limit them to bearing two children.”   Coercive population control remains at the center of the new regulations:  “Officials continue to enforce compliance with population planning targets using methods including heavy fines, job termination, arbitrary detention, and coerced abortion.”   These coercive measures violate various international treaties to which China is a signatory.  CECC Report, p. 1

China told the world about its “decision to abandon” the One Child Policy on January 1, 2016 – implying that it has ended all coercive birth control.   Meanwhile “some provincial-level population planning regulations continued to explicitly instruct officials to carry out abortions, often referred to as ‘remedial measures’ (bujiu cuoshi) for ‘out-of-plan’ [illegal] pregnancies.”  Moreover, at least eight provinces have promoted harsh measures against women with illegal pregnancies, using such phrases as “fight the family planning work battle,” and “use all means necessary.”  CECC Report, pp. 3-4.

Moreover, China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) repeatedly emphasized that the “social compensation fees” for illegal pregancies will not be abolished, including fines for those who give birth to third children.  Report, p. 6.  These fees can be ten times the average annual income for people in that locality.  Report, p. 5.

For those who cannot pay such a large fine on an emergency basis to maintain an illegal pregnancy, what alternative will there be other than forced abortion?

The Two-Child Policy was instituted because the Chinese government saw that it was heading into a dual demographic disaster.  First, China has a steeply rising elderly population, coupled with a dwindling labor force unable to support it.  According to the government-controlled People’s Daily, by 2050, the elderly population in China will reach 483 million or one-third of China’s total population.  Report, p. 8.

Second, the selective abortion of girls has continued.   According to a National Bureau of Statistics Report cited by the CECC, the sex ratio at birth in 2015 was 113.5 males born for every 100 females born.  Such a skewed ratio could only be achieved through sex-selective abortion.  Meanwhile, there are an estimated 33 to 37 million more males living in China than females – a dangerous imbalance that is driving  sex trafficking and sexual slavery from multiple nations into China “for forced marriage or commercial sexual exploitation.”  Report pp. 8-9.

Meanwhile, the Two-Child Policy has yielded disappointing results, providing more than 1.5 million fewer births annually than expected.  China’s birthrate remains “dangerously low,” 1.5 children per woman in 2015, well below replacement level of 2.1.  Many people simply do not want to have a second child, in large part because it is very expensive.

“China’s Two-Child Policy continues the human rights abuses and gender-based violence of the One-Child Policy,” stated Littlejohn.  “Even with the Two-Child Policy, China remains firmly on the path to demographic disaster.  China’s population problem is not that it has too many people.  It’s that it has too few young people and too few women.  China is in desperate need of babies.  They should be offering incentives for couples to have babies, not forcibly aborting “illegal” pregnancies.  Under these circumstances, there is absolutely no excuse to continue any program of coercive population control whatsoever.  We call for the immediate, complete abandonment of all coercive population control in China.”

Sign a petition against forced abortion in China.

Learn about our “Save a Girl” Campaign in China.

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Today Is Giving Tuesday – Help Us Save Women and Girls in China!

We’ve Received $5000 in Matching Funds!

We need $50,000 to continue our work!

We only ask for support once a year!

Dear Friends,

This girl is one of hundreds of babies saved by our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

In this season of giving, please remember the women and babies of China, who are still enduring conditions that are beyond imagination.  At this moment, there are women in China who have gotten pregnant without a “birth permit” and are still in danger of being dragged away for a forced abortion. Baby girls in China are still in danger of selective abortion and abandonment.  In fact, just this summer, a woman died after her husband forced her to abort four pregnancies just because the babies were girls.

You may have heard that China has “abandoned” its One Child Policy. This is not true. Regarding the new Two-Child Policy, blind activist Chen Guangcheng tweeted, “This is nothing to be happy about. First the (Chinese government) would kill any baby after one. Now they will kill any baby after two.”

This father’s family is in hiding to avoid the forced abortion of their third child. Credit: BBC

The brutality continues.  Under China’s new Two-Child Policy, unmarried mothers and third babies are still being forcibly aborted. On July 22, 2016, for example, a Guangdong couple was told they must have an abortion or both lose their government jobs. The wife was eight months pregnant. On October 28, 2016, the BBC ran a groundbreaking report, interviewing a family currently in hiding to give birth to their third child. The father stated, “If we weren’t in hiding, they would have forced us to have an abortion.”

Baby girl rescued from toilet, Beijing August 2015

Further, according to the a recent State Department Report, the number of abortions in China has increased from 13 to 23 million a year. 23 million abortions a year comes to 63,013 abortions a day, 2625 abortions an hour, 43 per minute!

Meanwhile, China leads the world in the sex-selective abortion of baby girls. Our Save a Girl campaign is saving the lives of baby girls at risk of being aborted or abandoned because of son preference in China!  Through our network of on-the- ground fieldworkers, we are able to reach women who are pregnant with or who have just given birth to a girl, and are being pressured to abort or abandon her. We offer these mothers encouragement and a monthly stipend for a year, empowering them to keep their daughters. We have an overwhelming success rate and have saved hundreds of precious babies through this campaign.

After two years’ study, Anni won a competition play at Carnegie Hall in December 2016.

We also rescued Zhang Anni, the persecuted daughter of dissident Zhang Lin. She was called “China’s youngest prisoner of conscience,” as she was kidnapped out of her elementary school at age 10 and detained overnight. The Chinese government persecuted Anni in an attempt to silence her heroic father. We raised the visibility of Anni’s case internationally and then conducted quiet diplomacy to get her out of China. She is now living with my husband and me and we are raising her as our own daughter.  After only two years of study, Anni won a piano competition and performed in Carnegie Hall in December 2016!  We are so proud of our beautiful, talented Chinese daughter. She is a constant reminder of the beauty and brilliance that are being lost every day in China through sex-selective abortion.

Reggie has been called “the leading voice” in the movement to end forced abortion and gendercide in China.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers has been called the “leading voice” in the battle against forced abortion and gendercide in China.Indeed, I was astonished and humbled to be named one of the “Top Ten People” of 2013 by Inside the Vatican magazine. We have testified eight times at the U.S. Congress, three times at the European Parliament, twice at the British Parliament, and have briefed the Canadian Parliament, the State Department, the White House, the United Nations and the Vatican. Our efforts have been fruitful. Both the European Parliament and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women have issued statements condemning forced abortion.

Our International Advocacy Campaign has had a very successful year.  We have advocated for years that the U.S. Government should defund International Planned Parenthood and the UNFPA, because of complicity with coercive population control in China.  We are thrilled that President Trump listened to us and defunded them both!  Also, I was honored to be a keynote speaker at the West Coast Walk for Life, for the Georgetown Cardinal O’Connor Conference on Life, and for Dr. James Dobson.

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers needs your support to continue. We need to raise $50,000.00 to continue our work. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in fighting perhaps the greatest injustice of our age.

While a student at Yale Law School, Reggie had the privilege of working with Saint Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

The women and babies of China urgently need your help! If you would like to partner with us, please mail a check made out to Women’s Rights Without Frontiers to:

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

722 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 325

Towson, MD 21204

With gratitude,

Reggie Littlejohn, President

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

WRWF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN # 90-0591575EIN. Donations are tax-

deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

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Give Thanks by Saving a Girl in China

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers wishes you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!  As you gather with your family to give thanks, is there a woman or girl in your life you’d like to thank – for just being herself? If so, here is a creative way to let her know you care!

For Thanksgiving, you can thank a girl by helping “Save a Girl” – more info below!

Meet “Baozhai.” Isn’t she just precious?

Her eyes are so full of life. A mother couldn’t help but want to show off a beautiful daughter like this . . .

Unless she was born in China and is a despised “second daughter.”

Loved as she is by her mother, Baozhai was hated by her grandmother on her father’s side.

Little Baozhai was just three months old when we learned of her desperate situation. With a sister who is two years old, Baozhai is a second daughter. Even under the new Two Child Policy, millions of couples who already have a daughter will abort or abandon (“give up”) a second daughter, because they want to try again for a son.

Baozhai’s parents have lived in a remote village in rural China for generations. Her grandmother on her father’s side has long suffered with epilepsy. Her condition worsened after Baozhai was born. The doctor told Baozhai’s grandmother that one reason for her deteriorating health was that she was unhappy. Baozhai’s mother said when the grandmother found out that the second baby was another girl, she cried like her heart would break. So instead of being celebrated, Baozhai was being blamed for her grandmother’s deteriorating health!

Baozhai’s grandmother pressured Baozhai’s mother to give up this second daughter (either give her away to a childless couple, or leave her in a field to die) so that she could have a third child sooner – hopefully, a boy. But Baozhai’s mother loves her. She has bravely refused to give up Baozhai, even though she is a second daughter.

But how? She had no money or means of support! The situation was desperate.

When Women’s Rights Without Frontiers found out about Baozhai’s situation, our undercover fieldworker knocked on the door of Baozhai’s home and gave her mother a message of hope. She told her, “Girls are as good as boys. Both of your daughters are precious and you have the right to keep your second daughter.”

Our fieldworker told Baozhai’s mother about our “Save a Girl” campaign. She told them we provide a monthly cash stipend for a full year to mothers to empower them to keep their daughters, especially second daughters. Baozhai’s mother is very grateful to receive this life-saving help when she did not have anywhere else to turn!

This Thanksgiving, will you give thanks for the Girl (or woman) in your life by helping “Save a Girl” in China?

What better way of expressing gratitude for the woman or girl in your life than by rescuing a woman and a girl in China?

Step 1: Donate $25 or more – the amount of money it takes to help support a girl saved in China for one month

Step 2: Indicate in the notes section of your donation the woman or girl you wish to honor, and her email address. We will send her a message to let her know you have given a donation in her honor to our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

Will you help us save women and girls in China? Become a “GirlSaver!”

Won’t you help us save more girls like Baozhai?   We have saved hundreds of girls, and yet there are millions more like her who are being aborted or abandoned just because they are girls. Each one of these girls is infinitely precious. Please help us save them by donating to our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

For $25 per month, or $300 per year, our GirlSavers have helped WRWF save at-risk babies in China, babies like Baozhai, who may have died or who may have been separated from their mothers if one of our undercover fieldworkers had not met her mother and assured her that little girls are as special as boys. We put our money where our mouth is, offering practical assistance to empower these mothers to keep their daughters.


Your donation enables Women’s Rights Without Frontiers to continue to be a voice for the voiceless women and children of China. This huge effort comes at a cost. We need your support. Please give as generously as you can. Every donation makes a difference!


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Open Letter Regarding the Investigation of Voice of America and BBG Management by the Office of the Inspector General

VOA TV’s Huchen Zhang interviews Chen Guangcheng for the first time on U.S. soil, with Reggie Littlejohn, in 2013. Zhang is among the “Mandarin Five” currently on forced administrative leave.

To Whom It May Concern:

We have learned that the Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of State has decided to start an investigation of “management decisions” giving rise to the Guo Wengui interview incident at Voice of America. We applaud the OIG’s decision to investigate the VOA Management and have some suggestions regarding the investigation.

For those unfamiliar with the Guo Wengui interview incident, on April 19 of this year, Voice of America China Branch was set to broadcast a three-hour live interview of Guo Wengui, a Chinese billionaire with close ties to the Chinese State Security apparatus, who claimed to have information about high-level official corruption in the Chinese regime.  Specifically, Guo stated his intent publicly to expose how China’s State Security apparatus pressured the Chinese business community into financing its infiltration into organizations globally, as well as its monitoring of Chinese citizens.

This exposure of widespread official corruption had the potential to afford a rare revelation of the machinations of the police state to those who are its innocent victims. VOA promoted the upcoming interview heavily for a week, with the full knowledge and consent of VOA management.

Instead, VOA’s upper-level management abruptly cut short the interview mid-broadcast, to the consternation of the Chinese audience, many of whom stated that they believe that VOA was kowtowing to censorship and pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.   VOA has since suffered a sharp loss of its viewership and reputation in China, and has indeed become the object of mockery.

Equally disturbing, five journalists involved in the interview were put on administrative leave pending “investigation.”  Five months later, four remain on involuntary leave.  Has the investigation of the “Mandarin Five” been concluded?  If so, why has no report been issued?

In an Orwellian twist, a VOA Mandarin TV host happened to wear a white flower on her show shortly after the aborted interview with Guo.  According to the BBG Watch website, Human Resources at VOA attempted to pressure this host and several others into admitting that the wearing of the white flower symbolized the “death of VOA.”  Predictably, the effect of this interrogation was the intimidation of VOA staff.

Why did the VOA Management turn seemingly overnight from supporting the Guo interview to trying to shut it down?

VOA Management has argued that they were simply upholding journalistic standards of “verification, balance and fairness.”   However, former VOA Director Robert R. Reilly has defended the journalistic practices of the Mandarin Five and criticized the investigation against them, stating, “In my 11 years of experience at VOA, I am unaware of anything like this having happened before.”

According to reports and information provided to us, the Chinese Communist regime took several extraordinary actions during the days leading up to the interview.  For example, two days before the scheduled interview, officials from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned VOA’s Beijing correspondent to pressure VOA to cancel the interview.   Officials then issued a warrant for the arrest of Guo.  After this, the Chinese Communist Party issued a notice alerting Interpol of the Chinese regime’s arrest warrant for Guo.  Having done this, they then accused Guo of being a fugitive criminal.  The day before the interview, the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. called the VOA Mandarin Service and demanded cancellation of the Guo interview.

Could it be that VOA Management did indeed cave to pressure from the Chinese government?  If so, why would VOA Management be vulnerable to such pressure?

Could reports be true that some members of VOA management and the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG, VOA’s parent federal agency) have significant business interests in China?

If such ties do exist, they would of course make members of VOA Management and the BBG vulnerable to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.

In our opinion, maintaining financial ties to the repressive regime whose abuses you are charged with exposing presents an inevitable conflict of interest.

The VOA Mandarin Five are being investigated by VOA Management and the BBG.  Now VOA Management and the BBG themselves will be investigated by the OIG.  In our view, the investigation should encompass at least the following questions:

1)   Did VOA Management cave to pressure from the Chinese regime to cut short the interview exposing official corruption?

2)   Do members of VOA Management and the BBG, or their family members, maintain financial ties to China?  What are these business relationships?

3)   What is the selection process for VOA Management and members of the BBG?  Is it required that financial ties with nations into which VOA broadcasts be disclosed, to avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of impropriety?  If such disclosure is not required, why not?  If it is required, did the VOA management and members of the BBG comply?

The Chinese Communist Party has spent a lot of money to cut off any information from the outside, including using lobbying and other pressure to influence media from the outside to limit their coverage of issues in China which the CCP views as sensitive. Despite the CCP’s ability to limit Internet usage, short wave remains a powerful tool, precisely because it is out of the control of the CCP censorship system.

After 70 years, the BBC ended its vital shortwave radio broadcasts in Mandarin in 2011, as did Deutsche Welle in 2013. Other international shortwave services have followed suit, severely reducing or eliminating their shortwave services. VOA and Radio Free Asia stand alone in their extensive shortwave radio capacities to reach Chinese people hungry for global news unfiltered by official Communist news sources.

Again, we applaud the OIG’s decision to conduct an investigation. We look forward to the results of this investigation, which we believe will include a complete vindication of the VOA Mandarin Five.

Reggie Littlejohn, President
Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

Chen Guangcheng
Author, The Barefoot Lawyer

Bob Fu, President
China Aid Association

Jianli Yang, President
Initiatives for China

Yaxue Cao, Director and Editor
China Change

Lianchao Han, Visiting Fellow
Hudson Institute

Fengsuo Zhou, Co-founder
China Human Rights Accountability Center

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China’s One (Now Two) Child Policy Turns 37; Chinese Woman Dies After Husband Pressures Her to Abort Four Girls in One Year

Credit: WND

WASHINGTON, D.C. China’s coercive population control policy turns 37 this week (September 25). The news media touted the Two Child Policy as having “abandoned,” “ended” or “ditched” the One Child Policy. However, forced abortion, involuntary sterilization, the monitoring of women’s menstrual cycles, and the sex-selective abortion of baby girls continue.

Over the summer, for example, it was reported that a Chinese woman from Anhui Province died after her husband pressured her into aborting four pregnancies in a year, because he wanted a son. The couple already had a four-year-old daughter. After the Two-Child Policy was instituted on January 1, 2016, they decided to have a second child, which the husband determined would be a boy. When the woman became ill because of the repeated abortions, her husband divorced her. She used the divorce settlement money (approximately U.S. $2500) to seek hospital treatment, but then died. Her husband did not visit her in the hospital and was planning on marrying another woman at the time of the report.

Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, stated, “My heart breaks for this woman, pressured into four abortions by her husband, then left to die from the trauma – all because he wanted a son! Brutal son preference remains in China, and as I had predicted, the sex-selective abortion of baby girls continues under the Two-Child Policy. Second daughters are still aborted or abandoned.”

In an ineffective effort to stem the tide of sex-selective abortions, the Chinese government has made it illegal for a doctor to inform a pregnant woman of the gender of her child. Nevertheless, people can learn the gender for a price, either by illicit ultrasounds or other means. Indeed, because of the demand, an “Underground Railroad” is carrying on a “roaring trade” to smuggle the blood of pregnant women from mainland China into Hong Kong, where it is tested for gender.

Government enforced abortion continues under China’s new Two Child Policy. For example, on July 22, 2016 – more than six months after the institution of the Two Child Policy — a Guangdong couple was told they must have an abortion or both lose their government jobs. The wife was eight months pregnant.

Forced sterilization is still employed under the Two Child Policy, usually against women, but at times against men as well. A Yunnan man’s ex-wife was sterilized for having three children. He remarried and had a fourth child, at which point he was sterilized earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the shift to a Two Child Policy has not yielded the number of new births needed to support China’s swiftly aging population. According to a study by researchers in China and England, the Two Child Policy “will bring only a small increase in population growth.” In 1965, just 3.3% of China’s population was over the age of 65. Under the One Child Policy, it was projected that by 2050, 29% would have been over 65. This percentage is only slightly reduced to 25% under the Two Child Policy.

Littlejohn added, “China’s population problem is not that it has too many people. It is that it has too few young people to support its rapidly aging population. Senior suicide is on the rise, as many elderly find themselves abandoned by their families and the Chinese government provides no safety net for them. China desperately needs more babies, so much so that they are considering paying couples to have a second child.

So why does China continue coercive population control in any form?

As I have long said, I believe the Chinese Communist Party will never abandon coercive population control, because coercive population control is keeping the regime in power. Although every couple is allowed to have two children, single women are still forcibly aborted, as are third pregnancies. Women of childbearing age still have to go in for mandatory pregnancy checks several times a year. Two Child Policy violators are still forcibly sterilized. All this instills terror. The Chinese Communist Party is a brutal, totalitarian regime, which reigns with terror. The Two Child Policy is social control, masquerading as population control.

“We applaud the Trump administration’s decisive action of defunding the UNFPA, an action for which we have long advocated, because of UNFPA’s complicity with coercive population control in China.

“We call for the immediate, unqualified end to all coercive population control in China. One out of every five women in the world lives in China. The women of the world will not be free until the women of China are free.”

In addition to advocating against coercive population control, WRWF’s “Save a Girl” Campaign has saved hundreds of baby girls from sex-selective abortion or abandonment.



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FREE LIU XIA! — An Open Letter from Chen Guangcheng, Yuan Weijing and Reggie Littlejohn to President Trump, Secretary Tillerson, Ambassador Branstad, and Members of the United States Congress

Dec. 6, 2012, Liu Xia poses with a photo of her husband, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, during an interview at her home in Beijing. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, File)

Dear President Trump, Secretary Tillerson, Ambassador Branstad and Members of the U.S. Congress:

“Liu Xia is free” state Chinese authorities. She has not, however, been seen since the July 15 sea burial of her husband, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo. Friends and even her lawyer do not know where she is. The international community is growing increasingly concerned about her health and well-being.

I recently had dinner with activist Chen Guangcheng, his wife Yuan Weijing, and their family. Of course, much of the conversation centered on the death of Liu Xiaobo and the plight of his widow, Liu Xia. We are all very worried about Liu Xia and urge you and the international community to call for her release. Chen Guangcheng understands what Liu Xiaobo may have experienced while in prison. Yuan Weijing knows the anguish of the wife of a jailed prisoner of conscience. I include their remarks at their request and with their permission.

Chen Guangcheng: “I believe they may have taken Liu Xia to a black jail. Under the dictatorship, any place can serve as a black jail: a hotel, a basement, an organization’s office. The point is to control a person’s location and to cut them off from communication with the outside world. I do not believe they are treating her well. I remember when I was in a black jail. It was a small room. Four guards were with me all the time. They even followed me into the bathroom. I believe they are keeping Liu Xia in a black jail to pressure other activists, to show them that they will persecute their families, even after they die. But the brutality of the Chinese Communist Party will have the opposite effect. Many people are turning against the Party. They used to want to help the Party improve. Now, they say that talking to the Party is like talking to a cow. The Party cannot understand.

 “The Party has been persecuting innocent people for decades, but now people are beginning to understand the true situation. The Party can control the media, but they cannot control the Internet. Now people are beginning to understand that the suffering in China is caused by the control exerted by the regime, and the lies and propaganda promoted through the state-controlled media.”

Yuan Weijing: “I have an idea of what Liu Xia has been experiencing. For the four years that Guangcheng was in prison, I thought constantly of him. Every time I ate, I wondered if he was getting enough to eat. If it was cold outside, I wondered if he was cold. If it was hot, I wondered if he was hot.  At night, memories of our whole life together before his arrest would play in my mind like a movie. I could not sleep, wondering if he was being beaten or interrogated, or if he was sick and being denied medical treatment. I was very worried that I would never see him again, that our children would grow up without their father.

 “During these years, I was under constant surveillance and my movements were restricted. When I was allowed to go out of the house, I was followed. Sometimes the guards did not let me out of the house at all. Every night, thugs surrounded the house and shined a flashlight through my bedroom window every 10 to 15 minutes. They would talk loudly outside the room where I was trying to sleep. If I had a conversation on the phone, they would try to overhear the conversation. In the morning, I could see where their boots matted the earth outside my bedroom window. Sometimes they took my phone away.

 “They encouraged me to divorce Guangcheng, saying ‘You are so young. Other women wear pretty dresses and make-up. Why don’t you divorce Guangcheng, go back to your family and start a new life?’ I told them, ‘Guangcheng has not done anything wrong. You are doing something wrong by putting him in jail. I will wait for him.’ Did they encourage Liu Xia to divorce Liu Xiaobo during his long prison term? We may never know, but I would not be surprised if they did, as this is a common practice of the Party, both to break the activist and his wife.

 “I was supposed to see Guangcheng every month, but I was only allowed to see him five times in the four years he was in prison. Once, his hair had been cut off. I asked him why. He didn’t say anything, but his face was sad. I found out later that he had been beaten. He was thin and I saw that they were not giving him enough to eat. I felt so sad but did not want to cry in front of him. After I left the prison, I cried very hard and called an activist friend to ask him to spread news about Guangcheng so we could get more help from the international community. After I did this, the guards jammed my phone and would not let me leave the house.

 “So I can understand the reports that Liu Xia has battled depression. I’m sure she was very worried about her husband, and rightly so. I can only imagine her devastation at Liu Xiaobo’s tragic death. I was fortunate that my husband made it out alive.”

Liu Xia is a poet and writer. She has been under illegal house arrest since her husband was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, without being charged with a crime or any due process of law. She reportedly suffers from depression and was hospitalized for a heart attack in 2014. Now, she has disappeared. We are concerned for her health and well-being – even her very survival.

We urgently request that you make it a top diplomatic priority to call for all restrictions on Liu Xia be lifted immediately, that she would be able to communicate with family, friends, her lawyer and the media, and that she would be allowed to travel outside of China, if she wishes, for medical treatment or for any other reason.

We support the letter from the chair and co-chair of The Congressional-Executive Commission on China, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and U.S. Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) in their request that U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad invite Liu Xia to meet with him in the Embassy in Beijing.

We ask that President Trump and the ranking members of the appropriate congressional committees identify those responsible for the death of Liu Xiaobo and the extrajudicial house arrest of Liu Xia and utilize the Global Magnitsky Act to impose entry and property sanctions upon these persons.

Finally, Chinese authorities ordered that Liu Xiaobo be cremated and that his remains be scattered in the ocean. This move has been criticized by activists and friends as a way to prevent the creation of a pilgrimage site for those who want to honor Liu’s memory and carry on his work for freedom and democracy in China. We call upon the U.S. Government to create a memorial to Liu in Washington, D.C. Such a memorial might be appropriate as part of the Victims of Communism Memorial, which is a replica of the “Goddess of Democracy” statue destroyed on Tiananmen Square, as Liu was a leader of the Tiananmen Square movement.

Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia have both been heroes in standing for truth. It cost Liu Xiaobo his life. May Liu Xia, through your decisive intervention, be spared this tragic end.

Respectfully yours,

Chen Guangcheng

Yuan Weijing

Reggie Littlejohn, President

Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

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Blind Activist Chen Guangcheng – Personal Reflections on the Fifth Anniversary of his Arrival in the United States

Reggie with Chen Guangcheng after his arrival in the U.S.

May 19 marks the five-year anniversary of Chen Guangcheng’s arrival in the United States. WRWF President Reggie Littlejohn advocated tirelessly for Chen’s release from 2008 until his 2012 release and led an international coalition to free him. What follows are her personal reflections at the time of this anniversary.

May 19, 2012 was perhaps the most exciting day of my life. After years of non-stop international advocacy, several emergency Congressional hearings (called by Rep. Chris Smith, without whose dedicated efforts Chen would likely never have made it to the United States), weeks of struggle with the Chinese government and several sleepless nights, I was standing at the Newark airport, waiting for the arrival of the man whose plight had become the central focus of my life.

My heart went out to Chen Guangcheng the first time I read of him. Blinded by an illness at age three, he and his wife, Yuan Weijing, had displayed almost supernatural courage and compassion, documenting at great risk to themselves a pattern of brutal forced abortions and sterilizations in Linyi, where they lived. Women were being dragged out of their homes, strapped to tables and forced to abort babies they wanted up to the ninth month of pregnancy. Whole villages were fleeing to sleep in the surrounding fields to hide from Family Planning Police. Relatives of an illegally pregnant woman in hiding were being detained and tortured.

Chen was detained and then placed under severe house arrest for years for exposing these atrocities, and the Chinese government heavily persecuted his entire, extended family, detaining and torturing them as well.

Now, five years after first setting foot on U.S. soil, Chen and his family are living safely in the Washington, D.C. area. His home is filled with light and life. He and Weijing just had their third child, a beautiful boy who is the joy of the family. Chen continues his advocacy and has invited me to collaborate with him. We have appeared together on Voice of America, spoken together at the Heritage Foundation, testified together at Congress.

Every time I go to see his family, it still feels like an impossible dream come true. One of the greatest heroes of the twenty-first century, a man whose courage I cannot begin to comprehend much less imitate, is now my good friend. I can only respond with humility and gratitude.

And yet, five years after Chen’s arrival in the United States, and despite his passionate advocacy to end it, coercive population control in China remains. China has shifted from a One Child Policy to a Two Child Policy. This modification was presented by the Chinese government as an “abandonment” of the One Child Policy, implying that all coercive population control had ended. No so. Unmarried women and women pregnant with a third child still face forced abortion. The sex-selective abortion and abandonment of baby girls continues, especially for second daughters.

The fight continues. But now, instead of fighting the lonely battle for Chen’s life and freedom on the other side of the world, I have the honor of facing the battle shoulder to shoulder with him – with one of the greatest human rights champions the world has ever known, someone I honor and admire more than words can ever say.



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Help Us “Save a Girl” in China for Mother’s Day!

Hui Zhong, saved by WRWF’s Save a Girl Campaign

This Mother’s Day, honor your mother by helping us save girls in China – girls like little Hui-Zhong!

Look at this sweet and innocent face! This is “Hui-Zhong” (not her real name), two months old. With help from our “Save a Girl” Campaign, she will grow up to know just how bravely her mother fought for her.

She is a third daughter, even more unwanted than a second daughter. When Hui-Zhong’s mother was pregnant, everyone assumed that this baby would be a boy. Instead of celebrating when Hui-Zong was born, her grandmother wanted her gone and told Hui-Zhong’s mother she had to “give her away.” Sometimes this means finding a childless couple to take your daughter. Sometimes this means leaving your daughter in a field to die. Hui-Zhong’s grandmother cursed at her mother and treated her harshly. She was angry that she had three granddaughters and no grandsons.

Then on top of this, their village leader discovered that Hui-Zhong’s mother was pregnant with an illegal third baby! He threatened Hui-Zhong’s mother that she needed to pay him $500 – impossible for this poor village family — to keep the baby a secret from the Family Planning Police. If the Family Planning Police found out about this third child, at best, the family would have to pay an even greater fine. Because they could not pay, they might even face forced abortion or involuntary sterilization.

Hui-Zhong’s mother did not know what to do.   But still, she bravely refused to “give away” her precious daughter. Hui-Zhong’s mother resorted to hiding her daughter.

Luckily, a Women’s Rights Without Frontiers’ (WRWF) undercover fieldworker discovered Hui-Zhong’s mother. Our fieldworker told her that we are helping mothers keep their daughters because girls are just as good as boys. This is a powerful message in the Chinese countryside, one that most people have never heard. Our fieldworker offered Hui-Zhong’s mother a monthly stipend for a year to empower her to keep her daughter. With the help of this stipend, Hui-Zhong’s mother is raising Hui-Zhong.

Our “Save a Girl” program saved Hui-Zhong’s life. Hui-Zhong’s mother said even though we are strangers, we help her while her fellow Chinese neighbors only make her life more difficult.

This Mother’s Day, will you honor your mother by helping save baby girls in China?

What better way of expressing gratitude for the mother in your life than by rescuing a woman and a girl in China?

Step 1: Donate $25 or more – the amount of money it takes to help support a girl saved in China for one month

Step 2: Indicate in the notes section of your donation the mother you wish to honor, and her email address. We will send her an email to let her know you have given a donation in her honor to our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

Will you help us save women and girls in China? Become a “GirlSaver!”
Won’t you help us save more girls like Hui-Zhong? So far, we have saved hundreds of girls, and yet there are millions more who are being aborted or abandoned just because they are girls. Each one of these girls is infinitely precious. Please help us save them by donating to our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

Learn more about how you can help to save girls here:
For $25 per month, or $300 per year, our GirlSavers have helped WRWF save at-risk babies in China, babies like Hui-Zhong, who may not be alive if our undercover fieldworker had not met her mother and assured her that little girls are as special as boys. We put our money where our mouth is, offering practical assistance to empower these mothers to keep their daughters.



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